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How much do you know about the efficiency of DHEA?
Jun 01, 2017

     DHEA is in the wake of the role of people in the psychological state to help us control emotions, memory and learning, and in the physiological state, DHEA allows us to strengthen the muscle strength, maintain a good proportion of muscle and fat, so that the body compact And help us to synthesize the role of metabolism, stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, and regulate the function of the immune system.


Specifically, sex gold (DHEA) is through the following three aspects to promote human sexual function:

1, increased levels of in vivo gold, can adjust the hypothalamus pituitary gonadal axis secretion function, to promote the increase in sex hormones, the body's estrogen and hormone levels increased sexual function.

2, male body The most important androgen is testosterone. The body has free testosterone and globulin combined with testosterone in two forms, the sexual function, the main free testosterone work. Sexual gold has a combination of testosterone and globulin, so that the body's free testosterone content increased, androgen function to enhance sexual function.

3, gold also has a two-way regulation. For men, sex gold can automatically regulate the combination of testosterone content, regulate estrogen and hormonal balance and improve sexual function; for women, androgen is the main material to maintain the feeling of women, its principles and androgen can inhibit the atrophy of the clitoris , To improve its sensitivity, thereby enhancing the pleasure of sexual intercourse. In addition to gold can be converted into estrogen, to maintain female sexual desire and vaginal acidic antibacterial environment and vaginal wall lubrication, but also to maintain the balance of estrogen and hormones, increased sexual pleasure.

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