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Chemical raw materials

      As an important part of China's pharmaceutical industry, the rapid development of chemical raw materials, industry sales revenue and total profits continue to remain in the rising channel, growth diminished. Chemical raw materials industry through continuous upgrading, the product from the low-end to the high-end, R & D level increased significantly, the prospects continue to improve.

       China is the world's largest producer of raw materials, after decades of development, has formed a more complete industrial system. Chemical raw materials industry, including the characteristics of large-scale, low cost, high yield, is an important thrust of the pharmaceutical industry to upgrade.



     Chemical raw materials refers to the production of various types of preparations for the raw materials, that is, through a specific means of preparation to obtain medicinal powder, crystallization, extract and other active ingredients, patients can not directly take the substance. Preparation means generally have chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biotechnology.

      According to the efficacy and use of classification, chemical raw materials can be divided into anti-infective, hormones, respiratory systems, anthelmintics, etc .; according to product value and characteristics of classification, chemical raw materials can be divided into bulk drugs and specialty APIs.

      Bulk API is a large demand, the process is mature, does not involve patent disputes traditional chemical raw materials, such as antibiotics, vitamins, and basic health care closely related. Characteristics of raw materials refers to the patent just expired products of raw materials, in general, the characteristics of raw materials, relatively high profits.

      Xi'an high due to biotechnology Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in trade in chemical raw materials, mainly hormones, expectorants and deworming (animal drugs) and other products, focus on the characteristics of the development and trade of raw materials, to provide customers with high quality Products and services.