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14-hydroxy Brassica Steroid
Apr 13, 2018

Plant growth Regulator 14-hydroxy Brassica sterol (14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid) 

     14-Hydroxy Brassica steroid is a kind of plant growth regulator with broad spectrum and high activity. Its activity is mainly to promote plant growth, improve the seed setting rate, increase yield, improve quality, resist and so on. This active ingredient and other structure, function similar to the Brassica substances, known as the following auxin, doxorubicin, cytokinin, abscisic acid and ethylene, the sixth class of plant hormones. Its physiological activity is high, the function of regulating growth and development is unique, and very small dosage can show good regulation effect. 

    It mainly promotes the cell elongation and division, regulates the leaf shape, alters the cell membrane potential and enzyme activity, enhances the photosynthesis, promotes the biosynthesis of DNA, RNA and protein, and enhances the plant's tolerance to environmental stress. The 14-hydroxy Brassica sterol was extracted, separated and purified by enzymatic hydrolysis extraction technology, which mainly used pollen as raw material. Stable in acidic and neutral conditions. The toxicity level is low toxicity or micro-toxin, which is low in biological toxicity to aquatic organisms and other environments. The detection method was mainly based on the derivation of benzene boric acid and reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography for qualitative and quantitative detection.

      Indoor activity test and field efficacy test showed that 14-hydroxy Brassica alcohol 0.01% agent had a very good regulating growth effect on rice, and the concentration of the drug was 3,000~4,000-fold dilution, which was used at the stage of rice and at the same spike.

 The crop safety was not found in the dose range.