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China Is Speeding The CMC And BE Of Generic Drugs
Apr 26, 2018

China is speeding the CMC and BE of generic drugs.

From the completion of the chemical drug bioequivalence (BE) Test record analysis, is currently on record 418, involving 178 varieties, 228 production enterprises, of which, 289 of the varieties have 82, involving 166 companies. This reflects a lot of enterprises will focus on the 289 categories outside the variety, the purpose is to seize the opportunity. Benzene sulfonic acid amlodipine tablets, amoxicillin capsules and metformin hydrochloride tablets and other varieties of the record number of the former, indicating that its market competition is very fierce. China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center related calculations show that the benzene sulfonic acid amlodipine flat Film Market size of 5 billion yuan.The CFDA will push the CMC and BE to improve the drug quality and let the strong companies to maintain the quality level. 

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