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The Mushroom Industry Is Booming With The Limited Potential
Nov 22, 2017

The production mode of edible fungi industry has gone through the planting mode from traditional farmers, to the enterprise + traditional farmers planting mode, to the current factory cultivation mode. In the foreseeable future, the factory cultivation mode will become the mainstream of the industry, and will drive the further industrial production of the industry, to large-scale industrial cultivation direction.

1, traditional farmers planting mode

The mushroom industry started from the "manual workshop" production and management mode, most of which were planted in the form of individual farmers. This model has a lower threshold for individuals. However, due to the temperature, humidity, light and other natural conditions in the planting process, and the production technology level is low, can not achieve year-round production and quality assurance.

2, enterprise + traditional farmers planting mode

In order to solve the technical bottleneck of traditional farmers' planting, the production mode of enterprises + farmers is gradually promoted. Enterprises provide professional technical personnel to impart knowledge of formula customization and cultivation technology to farmers, while farmers provide enterprises with the edible fungus products they need. On the one hand, the production mode solves the defects of the low level of technology in the traditional mode of planting farmers, on the other hand, it saves large amount of investment in land, plant construction and other enterprises. However, the external factors of natural conditions still can not be effectively solved, and the scale of planting is limited by farmers' land use, resulting in the failure to achieve a breakthrough growth in output.

3, factory cultivation mode

Factory cultivation mode is a mode of production and management integrating industry, agriculture and science. The model for the production of edible fungi and other environmental conditions, the use of advanced science and technology and industrialized production management way, not only solve the seasonal production of edible fungi and other limiting factors, provides the best growth environment for edible fungi, and significantly improved the yield and quality of edible fungi.


In 1978, the output of edible fungi in China was less than 100 thousand tons, and the output value was less than 100 million yuan. On the basis of Chinese Edible Fungus Association issued "on the issuance of national edible fungus production in 2015, production and export statistics analysis of survey results", the national edible fungus in 2015 the total output has reached 34 million 761 thousand and 500 tons, the total output value of 225 billion 810 million yuan, and in 2014 the total output of 32 million 700 thousand tons, the total output value of 225 billion 810 million yuan compared to the total output growth of 6.3%, the total output growth of 11.44%. From 2001 to 2015, the annual compound growth rate of edible fungi in China was about 10.46%.

China is not only a big producer of edible fungi, but also a big consumer of edible fungi. Most of the edible fungi produced are used for domestic consumption. According to statistics, in 2015 China exported 507 thousand tons of edible fungi, earning $2 billion 979 million, up 5.2% compared to $2 billion 833 million in 2014, but the current national exports accounted for only 1.46% of the total production, visible edible mushroom supply in our country still can only meet the domestic demand, put forward the "The Belt and Road national strategy in China after the export of edible fungi to usher in development opportunities hitherto unknown, industry needs further expansion of production scale.